I'd rather make
few wafers,
but which are
one hundred percent handmade without
or colorants

Master baker Miquel.

Pla de Sant Tirs, 1985

In 1985 the business adventure began of Miquel Romeu and his wife, Enriqueta Ferreres. The couple would travel to Ribera d'Urgellet, to Pla de Sant Tirs, where they would frequently savour the delicious handmade wafers that were produced by the village bakery. Chasing a romantic dream, they decided to buy that workshop and found Neules Artesanes Sant Tirs.

It was clear to them: modernize the production systems while staying true to the roots of the trade that had captivated them. They would keep the traditional methods and use of natural ingredients that make these wafers unique.

The authentic wafers of Sant Tirs were entering a new phase.

In 2002, the company grew so much it was necessary to change location. Neules Sant Tirs was established in Puig-Reig, in Berguedà, where it continues to be active today. Investment in machinery and increased productivity has seen it gradually grow even more. Today, Quim, the son of Miquel and Enriqueta, has ensured the continuity of the company with his involvement in a project that is no longer just the two of them.

Wafers have no secret. Sant Tirs wafers do

Why are Sant Tirs wafers enduring and irresistible? It has a lot to do with the ingredients used in making them; that is, fresh and natural products in everything needed to make the biscuit base. If we add to that the human touch and pinch of magic of a family project like this, we have it all. We only need to confirm it by tasting this confectionery, which is so typical of Catalan gastronomy and is now enjoyed at the table beyond the Christmas season.